tirsdag, december 25, 2007


søndag, oktober 21, 2007

grow - a miracle

Here you see a watering can watering some grass.
You shouldn't believe that - that's not quite right. At the image above you can look across the earth as with x-ray. What you see here is a miracle, not less. You see the birth of the Grassman.
Happy Birthday, Grassman!

onsdag, september 19, 2007

my father and my mother's wedding

Here is my father and my mother at their wedding day the 10th of November 1951. I'm glad, that my father doesn't have those green stripes in his face - anymore :-)


onsdag, september 12, 2007

autumn again

Here is a leaf from a hip plant - in danish: hyben. I like the yellow and pale green - isn't that beautiful?

I think, this little twig looks like a tree itself - amazing.


Here in Denmark autumn has begun. I always enjoy all the beautiful colors of the leaves at trees and bushes:

Above is an enlarged image of the leaf maple "downunder". Isn't it magic?

søndag, september 09, 2007


Coffee makes the world go around :-)

lørdag, september 01, 2007


The Grassman has never gone to school. In his world wasn't that necessary - nature and his friends were most important for him. But when he met his girlfriend, he saw that she loved to look in some paper with strokes in. She told him about the wonderful world, she met in the world of books. "If you want, I will show you how to read," she said.

Of course he would like it. He thinks, it's very difficult, but he will learn it, he will share reading with his girlfriend. Now he wonders, how the strokes in "GRASS" can mean his hair. "Strange," he said.

mandag, august 13, 2007

søndag, juli 08, 2007

geeky image

I think, we can call this drawing a bit geeky.
Notice, that the smoke and the danish flag are not blowing in the same direction :-)

lørdag, juli 07, 2007

onsdag, juni 27, 2007

just for fun

Happy dog

Blue cat

Old mr. Green-Sheep

Here are some more images, where I use a photo and replace, convert the colors at the photo to my own colors. It's fun playing with colors, emotions etc.


If geese could react as chameleons - change their colors after their surroundings - I think these two would do like this. They're hunted by the farmer, who want some goose roast. They want to live much longer, therefore they're hiding in front of the shawl of his wife. I wonder if he will find them?

This time I've made something quite different! I've used a photo of two geese and deleted the background. Then I replaced the colors at the photo with my own colors. Quite a slow, but funny process! The colors should correspond with the shadows etc. The shawl behind is just made with special brushes in Paint Shop Pro.

lørdag, juni 16, 2007


(continued from "sign", May the 27th, 2007)

Maybee the white rabbit has eaten too many carrots? He can't eat anymore, nor can his friends: The bluebird won't eat carrots. Porcu uses to eat quite a lot carrots, but he visits his new friend, Porcupi. The grassman and his girlfriend had eaten carrot-cake, carrot-bread, carrot-salats and fresh carrots, and now they won't have anymore. He had even asked the wasp. "No-one here want to eat anymore carrots, everybody rejects, too bad" he thinks.

Then he see the giraffe, the refugee from Africa. "Now he must help," the white rabbit thinks. "You upthere - here are some carrots" he said.

"No thanks," says the giraffe, "I don't eat carrots." "Aren't my carrots good enough?", the rabbit said. "I'm sure they are, but I only eat leaves from tall trees," the giraffe explains.

"Ah, that's why you have your long neck! I thought, you came here to steal my carrots," the white rabbit says, a bit ashamed. He would ask why he came here from Africa, but the giraffe was already gone. The giraffe walked quickly because of his long legs, and the white rabbit couldn't even walk with his big stomach. "One day I'll ask him, what he will do at our place," was the last, he thought, before he felt asleep.

(to be continued)


The grassman's girlfriend will buy a new t-shirt to him. He has got some new jeans, and now she will make it to a completely new suit. She doesn't want to see him in his old green and striped pyjamas-shirt, which has become too small for him.

But it is difficult to choose.

The black and grey t-shirt is cool. But is her grassman cool? No, not so much - or maybee? Does he want to be cool?

What about the blue one? Then it will be a completely denim suit. "Do I want a cowboy as my boyfriend?" she asks herself and smiles. A cowboy with grass-hair and grass-feet?

Or maybe he would be very trendy with the green one. But wouldn't it look foolish, if the grassman suddenly is trendy? Can grass-hair look trendy?

She can't decide which one to buy. He will be just the same good old grass-man no matter what t-shirt he wears, she knows. But if he doesn't like the new t-shirt, he will continue to use his very small, green striped pyjamas-shirt - and it's indeed not trendy! Once in a while she decides one - and then she regrets.

Anyone who can help?

søndag, juni 03, 2007

the paradise of the grassman

This is so near paradise as it's possible - for the grassman...

It's summer. Butterflies fly around and disappear up in the sky. Dandelions show their star-seeds, before they're throwing them away to make new dandelions. At last, but not least, there are lots of green grass - foxtails, poas and other types of grasses. Nature is growing.

It's not a paradise for Felix, the cat. He wants to eat the bluebird. Luckily he can't catch her - else it would not had been a paradise for the bluebird. But what about Felix, must he be hungry? Not at all - he can get some cat-food, bought by the grassman's girlfriend. Any other suggestions?

mandag, maj 28, 2007


One night the turtle can see a very mysterious thing. First it could look like a far too big turtle. When she comes closer, she can see, that it isn't a living thing. It's one of those boxes, who can contain things and living beings, move very fast and give a lot of noise. "This one is very beautiful," she thinks, "it reminds me of something I don't know." She walked slowly home again, while she wondered where she had seen these nice colors.

It is a present from the grassman to his girlfriend. "She is my very special star, and I'll give her a star-car. Then she can come faster out and faster home again," he said. He looks forward to give her the car and see the look in her face.

søndag, maj 27, 2007


(continued from "neighbour" May the 6th, 2007)
One sunny afternoon the white rabbit putted all his carrots in a pile. Soon he would get some new ones, therefore he would have a little "carrot party".

The bluebird saw the signs, he had made. "Why may animals with long necks not eat your carrots?" she asked. "Because – because - - all the carrots can be in their necks," the rabbit said.

The bluebird said, that was rubbish. "Why may the giraffe not eat your carrots?" she said directly. "That giraffe shall not come here from Africa and eat my carrots!" the rabbit shouted.

The bluebird got sad. "The giraffe have run away from home, because he was hunted by lions, and because his family mobbed him because of his crazy legs," she said.

The white rabbit didn't say anything. He looked at his signs, thoughtful. "But why does he come here," he said so quietly, that nobody heard him.
(to be continued)

søndag, maj 06, 2007


The very first time, the giraffe came to The Land of the Grassman, the first one he met, was a bluebird. "Hey, I'm your new neighbor," the giraffe said. The bluebird would like to know, where he came from. He said, he came from Africa - far, far away. "Why do you come here?", he asked.

The giraffe said, that he ran away from home, because there were dangerous lions there, and because his own family mobbed him because of his crazy, crooked legs. Now he would start a new life here.

"A family ought to support eachother. I feel sorry for you, that yours was so mean against you. Would you like to get a new family here?", the bluebird asked. "Oh yes, but are there many giraffes here?" he asked. The bluebird said: "No, but you can get us, the grassman and his friends, as your family."

"Thankyou very much, you're are so kind to me, " the giraffe said a bit more happy.

The bluebird only wished, that he would be welcome among all the other friends. He wasn't, but it's just another story.
(to be continued)

søndag, april 29, 2007


Porcu is back from his winter lair, and his new friend, Porcupi, is here too. Maybee you can remember, that Porcupi is the happy one? In fact, he has "infected" Porcu - his worried face is a bit less worried now.

The sheep is telling them about a magnolia branch, he once saw. "I remember, all of it was green and white. It was beautiful", the sheep says.

Porcu imagines, how the world was green: The big magnolia branch, the green grass and the green sky with stars. He is happy, because the sheep remember that, and because Porcupi visits him.

lørdag, april 21, 2007


The white rabbit has tried to use his ears to fly. He has tried many times, but he can't, and now he isn't happy at all. " Why can't I fly like that spring-butterfly up there?" he said. " Is it my destiny forever to have so crazy ears, who can't even be used as wings?"

At last he said desperate: "Miss Fortune, if you exist, won't you let me fly? Just once?"

The spring-butterfly felt sorry for the white rabbit, but couldn't help, and she flew up and away.

søndag, april 08, 2007


The grassman is home again, and home he's a very good sleeper.

He's dreaming of a green summer: lots of green grass, a green Porcu and a green rabbit with stars. The "white" rabbit and Porcu looks so funny, that he's smiling in his dream.

He's longing for summer now, so his hair can grow again and he can come out and "go for the grass".

fredag, april 06, 2007


The grassman & his friends are at a visit at a library. In fact, it's the pictures of them, who are. Above you maybee can see snapshots of the grassman in The Old Room at the library. I think, if the grassman came here in real life he would have loved the old couch.

Images of The Sheep, Porcu & The White Rabbit are there too. In a way, The Land of the Grassman & his Friends has moved into the library and it's a bit like home.

(It's my very first exhibition, and it's very exciting! It feels good to show my images and talk with people about them. Suddenly the drawings are outside the www, in the real world, and many people, who don't use the www, can see them too - fx my good old father.

The exhibition is at the library for april & may.)

lørdag, marts 24, 2007

I spy

This magic night the grassman is spying on something, he doesn't know what. He has never spyed before. The cat Felix has told him, that he will see something marvellous, if he came down to the wood this night at 23 o'clock. He should be absolute quiet and nobody must see him.

He is anxious and afraid for, that the two bats will show, that he is there. He is very quite, but once in a while he must breathe.

What can it be?

(I'm busy preparing my very first exhibition - allthough it's not so big, there are many things to do, I think. I'm sorry, I've not the time to comment just now. But my exhibition starts at wednesday the 4th of April - then I have plenty of time! I hope...)


These women are totally hidden from the outside world. No men outside their family may see them - their bodies, their faces, their feelings, their body languages. The women may not and cannot be part of the society - it's very difficult to communicate without being able to see the human being in the black disguise.

Can anything be so dangerous, that's the only possibility for salvation is to hide totally? I don't understand.

If we just can see the face, it's making a big difference. Then we can see the human being behind, and she can interfere with the world.

(The photos in the collage is from a demonstration in Yemen february 2006)

mandag, marts 12, 2007


The grass-man is at the hospital. He is quite healthy, he's only helping the doctors to find out, why some people are good sleepers and some are not, and the doctors will help the sleepless people. His girlfriend has proposed him to take part in these experiments, because he is an extremely good sleeper.

And now he's laying here at the hospital with green wires and plasters. The doctor has told him to sleep, but he can't sleep at all. His eyes are getting bigger and bigger. He is sorry about, that he can't help the doctors.

torsdag, marts 08, 2007

no hiding place

The Felix-cat and the Phoenix-bird cannot hide their eyes in the dark. Everyone can see them, both the scaring animals and the ghosts. Indeed, Felix is very happy about the Phoenix-bird has arrived. He doesn't think, the Phoenix-bird is as scared as he is. It's good to have great friends.

mandag, marts 05, 2007


In many years the cat Felix was the only one, who couldn't play "hiding in the dark" with The Grass-man and his friends. But now they were two, and he was very glad about that. One more thing, he was glad about: that the fire in the Phoenix-birds feet was out.

fredag, marts 02, 2007


Today it's exactly one year since I started to make images in here - it was the 2th of march 2006. I enjoy making these pictures - so maybee there will come another year?

søndag, februar 25, 2007

communication again

Here I'm standing with my first mobile phone - it's some years ago :-)

lørdag, februar 24, 2007


The white rabbit is philosophizing:

"He has eyes – but cannot see,
he has a mouth – but cannot talk,
he has a nose – but cannot smell,
he has arms - but cannot give a hug,
he has no legs – and cannot walk,
and he can only live when it’s cold -
- but allthough I think he’s my friend, my cold kind friend. We’re communicating via telepathy. I allways know, where he is."

The white rabbit is glad about, that there's a lo-o-o-ong time to summer.

lørdag, februar 17, 2007


The white rabbit saw a bumblebee flying above him. "Hey, you're a bumblebee, aren't you?", he shouted to her. She flew a little lower, so they could talk without shouting. "Yes, I am, and my name is Bumble the Humble, because the other bees say, I'm so kind," she said. "What a nice name" , the white rabbit said. "but you know that? You cannot fly! You're too big and too heavy to fly."

Bumble the Humble said: "Oh, I didn't know that". She thought, she should fly down, so the rabbit shouldn't be sad, but she was in a hurry, so she flew higher and higher, while she shouted: "Sorry - sorry - I'm in a hurry".

tirsdag, februar 13, 2007


Porcu has found a very good lair, where he could survive the winter. The "floor" is covered with leaves from the autumn, and over the lair are black branches. He pushed some dirt away, and now he would find a place to sleep.

He turned around - and crashed towards someting. He wined - and then someone laughed. He saw, that it was an animal just like him, but happy. "My name is Porcupi", he said, "what's yours?" Porcu was yet a bit chocked, but he stammed out, that he is called Porcu. Then they said at the same time: "What are you doing here?" Porcupi laughed, even Porcu smiled.

Porcupi said: "Couldn't we be friends here in winter? When we are awake sometimes, we can see, we aren't alone." "Yes," said Porcu.

Porcu was a bit happy now, and he didn't stam so much. Life was more easy, now Porcupi was there. The last he thought before he fall asleep was: "I wish, we can be friends at spring and summer too."

lørdag, februar 03, 2007


The tree above is a very special tree. It is called a grassland-beech, because it's only growing in the land of the grassman and his friends.

The tree here is about 100 years. There are more than 200 leaves, the sheep tried once to count them. If there come rain and sunshine, one little sprout might turn into a tree like that above.

Isn't that magic?

There is only one problem: do white rabbits eat sprouts? Anyone who knows that?

lørdag, januar 27, 2007


One summernight the grass-man was out for a party. He was amongst his friends, music was good - life wasn't so bad, he thought. Actually life was very good for the grass-man.

Then he saw the most wonderful girl, he'd ever seen. She was dancing. He couldn't help looking at her most of the time. Then suddenly she was gone, he couldn't see her anymore. He got sad - until a beautiful voice said: "You look to be a sweet and kind man - should we dance?"

He got very happy and a little shy, and his cheeks turned red - almost as red as the walls in the danceroom.

That's how the grass-man met his girlfriend for the first time.

torsdag, januar 25, 2007


I think this song gets xtra qualities with the pictures, the music and the text simultaneous - that's just great, if you like Bob Dylan. I do indeed.

Thanks for showing it, Mauricio.

mandag, januar 22, 2007

super hero

The grass-man has made some badges with a picture of his girlfriend. "She is my super hero," he said, "even the crownprincess Mary of Denmark can't cope with her. I love her and she loves me - I'm a lucky man."

Anyone who doesn't know our Crownprincess Mary? Then maybee you can google her?

tirsdag, januar 02, 2007


One day the cat walked in the field, looking for mice. Suddenly there was a large bird ahead him. "Hi, my name is Felix, and I'm a cat," he said. "My name is Phoenix, and I'm a Phoenix-bird," the bird said. "Ok, then I'm a Felix-cat," he smiled.

"Don't it hurt, the fire in your feet?" Felix asked. "Not at all, I'm born in fire," she said. Felix wondered: "Did you came out of the egg in fire?" The Phoenix-bird said: "I did not come out of an egg. When the previous Phoenix-bird was 500 years, she burned out in a fire and then I grew up of it."

"Very weird," Felix thought, "no-one will believe me, if I tell, that I've met at bird with burning feet, whose mother was 500 years and burned to death when this Phoenix-bird here came out of another thing than an egg!" Then he laughed: "Ah - she's making fun because it's new-year!"

He said "Happy Newyear to you too," and walked across the field to visit the grass-man and his friends. He only wondered why the fire didn't hurt the Phoenix-bird.