torsdag, marts 08, 2007

no hiding place

The Felix-cat and the Phoenix-bird cannot hide their eyes in the dark. Everyone can see them, both the scaring animals and the ghosts. Indeed, Felix is very happy about the Phoenix-bird has arrived. He doesn't think, the Phoenix-bird is as scared as he is. It's good to have great friends.

8 kommentarer:

ValGalArt sagde ...

This is wonderful Georg! It brings a smile to my face!!!

Michelle sagde ...

This is very cool. I love the boarder you used and the unmistakable cats eyes. Very nice.

Mauricio sagde ...

Hey Georg!!!!

Happy march 8 :o)

see you, take care

steve sagde ...

Nice Georg--I love this dark illo from you--a change of style, or mood of sorts perhaps.

atomicvelvetsigh sagde ...

nice! this is a nice improvisation from the former artwork posted. and same goes for the short skit that goes with it.

btw, thanks for droppin by my blog. 8D

FreeCyprus sagde ...

Ahh...I see you've improved the previous work! Good job

belinha sagde ...

Congrats on your one year blog!Nice images,yes, keep going!

Jake sagde ...

sorry! Im say:
hi! so nice your blog, and
oh! is Dedalus here too!
thats all.

thanks for your visit to my blog...
and retorn another time.


from Argentina
south america