fredag, december 22, 2006


It's night. Snow has fallen, and it squeaks, when the white rabbit walks through the wood upon the snow. Else it's a silent night.

Suddenly he stops. He sees, that one of the trees doesn't look like it usually do. In the top of the tree there is a star, and there is some golden shine around it.

It's very beautiful and peaceful, and the white rabbit wished, some of his friends were there to share the moment with him. He looks around him, and there, just there up in the sky, is a big, twinkling star. "It must be the peace-star," he thought, and sat down and enjoyed it. Just in that moment there was peace on earth.

For this night "the speedy rabbit" had changed to "the silent rabbit".

happy holidays

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Great and Happy Newyear - I'm looking forward in 2007 to see all the beautiful, happy, great, crazy, funny, wonderful, creative, expressive....and much more... images!

Will you HELP me to make a great 2007? :-)

Hugs from Denmark - georg

(In danish: Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår!)

søndag, december 17, 2006


One night it started snowing. The sheep went out, she loves snowflakes. She tried to count them. It was difficult - when the lowest snowflakes hitted the ground, new came from the sky.

She called her very good friend Ursus for help. She thought, that he could count the upper flakes and she could count the lower.
It was still difficult, but they helped one another.

mandag, december 11, 2006


The grassman loves to see snow is falling - from the inside of the window. He doesn't like to be outside when it's winter. He has made a poem:

No grass can grow
in the snow
that's why I say it loud:
I will not go out!

When it's winter, he looses his grasshair, but it's growing out next spring, so he doesn't care.


" Hi Porcu and Sheep, what are you going to do?" the bluebird asked. "We're going to the white rabbit," the porcupine said, "and we will surprise him - he can't recognize us at all, because we have our masks on," the porcupine said. The bluebird laughed: "Yes, you're complete hidden, Porcu and Sheep - enjoy!"

"Yes, we are hidden. I only wonder how she knows our names?" the porcupine said. The sheep smiled - this was one of the rare moments, where the porcupine was happy. Especially in these times, where the grass is grey and the leaves have disappeared (nearly), he was a bit depressed. Winter is coming, and soon he should make a winter lair. He remembered, that he would miss his friends. But he had to - else he couldn't survive the winter.

onsdag, december 06, 2006


One simple question: What has the strongest power - a dandelion or asphalt? The answer is not logical but fabolous: the dandelion! It can broke even the hardest asphalt and bloom with it's sunshine-flowers and white star-stick. The weather is so fine here, maybee it's thinking spring's here one more time?

After the rain comes the earthworm up on the road, looking for something, I don't know what, and two autumn-butterflies are trying to reach the clouds. That's autumn at the land of the grass-man.

søndag, november 26, 2006

an inventor

Here you see an inventor. He's the man, who invents the words, that bloggers shall write to show, that they're not spamming, but are going to write a true comment for a blog.

It's a hard and difficult job, but luckily he is very creative and uses many different fonts, colours and letters. He will not use wellknown words, because it would be too easy for the comment-writers.

lørdag, november 25, 2006


One day the sheep said to the grassman's girlfriend: "All other sheep have curls, but I have squared hair - why?".

The grassman's girlfriend looked at her. "You could try this. Normally it's foolish if a sheep like you are going to be glamourized, but here the nature has gone crazy while given you squares! I think it's ok to help the nature a bit," and she lend her her curling iron.

"What a marvellous invention," thinks the sheep, and in her thoughts it was raining curls...

lørdag, november 18, 2006


The ram Ursus said to the sheep: "I'm giving you my love". The sheep said "Thanks".

søndag, november 12, 2006


The porcupine has cleaned the window from the inside. Or - he has tried. He couldn't reach the glass at the top, and that's why this still is dirty. He is very sad about that he can't see the pretty red flower. The bottom of the window is quite clear.

"I can't even clean a window," he said sadly. "That's only because you're a porcupine, " the autumn-butterfly said. "You're not created to do that." "But - I can't do anything right", he cried. The butterfly said: "Oh yes, you're the best one here to curl up." "Yes I am," said the porcupine a bit happy and proud too.

Maybee we should ask the grassman to clean the rest?

onsdag, november 08, 2006

smoke by boots

The turtle is burning her red boots. When she's wearing them, her feet is quite wet by sweat. She would rather get her feet wet by water instead, that doesn't stink.

Besides she thinks, the boots look a bit silly. "I'm not a peacock or a human being, I don't need such decoration. I'm a turtle, and I'm proud of being a turtle", she told the grass-man. He agreed.

lørdag, november 04, 2006


My mother died of emphysema far too young - because of those small white murder-nails, called cigarettes. The last years she had a hard time. She got oxygen day and night, it did the breathing a little easier.

I'm sorry, my image is so negative this time - I can't help it.

søndag, oktober 29, 2006


It's autumn, and the wind-cloud has become strong and has blown the porcupine around. He cryes for help, and luckily his friend, the white rabbit, hears him. He calls for the giraffe, who comes very fast.

"Go away from my friends," the giraffe says. "We two are stronger than that cloud", the white rabbit says and hides himself between the giraffe's long legs.

fredag, oktober 27, 2006


These women are not ghosts. They only look like. I wish, I could see their faces, see them as those human beings, they are.

It's only the burca, where we only can se the eyes, I think is a bit scaring. Other veils can be very beautiful. I really respect the muslim woman's wish to wear veil - of course. I only want to see her face.

It's this photo of women from Yemen, that inspired me to the image above.

mandag, oktober 23, 2006

nice ghosts

Two ghosts are ready for Halloween. They both agree, that white is oldfashioned for ghosts. "Your green clothes matches your eyes - amazing!" the first ghost said. "And your blue is just the same as your blue eyes - it is so beautiful!"

The bat flew up in the sky and wondered where to get these clothes. "I think the green stars would be cool for me, " he thought.

søndag, oktober 22, 2006


Some weeks ago did a spider eat the wasp, who would sting the grassman. He knows it's dead, but once in a while he still sees it as a shadow. "He must be an evil wasp-ghost now," he says. "I feel sorry for the other ghosts if he will sting them..."

søndag, oktober 15, 2006


The grassman and his girlfriend love to look at the stars. Especially they love the Big Dipper.

"I wonder how the stars could place them just in that way, like a trolley. Maybee they had a picture to look at," the grassman said. "Yes, maybee," his girlfriend said.

"I'm glad, you are down here," he said. "Me too," she said. That is - he's calling her for his very own star.

torsdag, oktober 12, 2006

lørdag, oktober 07, 2006


About once a day the wasp teases the spider - he flies through the web, it's not strong and sticky enough for him. Then the spider must spin his web again.

But one day enough was enough. The spider took some very, very strong glue, called "Karlssons Klister" - this he rubbed all over the web.

Then came the wasp. "Hello, are you ready to get a hole once more?", he cried. He flew through the web - he thought, but he got caught and couldn't do anything. The spider walked towards the wasp. "Now you're in BIG trouble,"he said, "I'm gonna eat my lunch now."

mandag, oktober 02, 2006


Sometimes the white rabbit is too speedy, and so it's necessary for him to slow down. Then he likes to go to the corn-field. Here's not quite quiet, but nearly - today he can only hear a gentle breeze in the corn and in the leaves of the tree.

"Wonderful," he thinks, "now I start my new, slowly life - and I can hear again."

But he couldn't hear everything - two autumn-butterflies played around, completely quiet.

fredag, september 22, 2006


The grassman has got a computer from his girlfriend at his birthday.

One day the computer-table should be used another place. Afterwards the grassman would put the leads in the right switches. But suddenly he got very scared - he cried: Snakes are coming!

His girlfriend came and saved him. She putted the leads in the switches and kissed him. He wondered why the snakes didn't bite her.

That's how the grassman got a phobia - he is afraid of leads.

mandag, september 18, 2006


Life changes for a water-butterfly: At first she is inside an egg, thinking world is nice and blue. In the egg she has her very own lunch. She's eating and eating - and she's growing. One day the shell cracks, and now she is a caterpillar.

"I didn't know, I was so long," she thought. Luckily there is some food for her. Life is green and wonderful.

One day she got very tired, at last she couldn't even eat. "That was my life," she thought and closed her eyes. Just before she holds at the leaf - she wouldn't fall down in the dirt. She was now a crysalis.

Time passes by. One sunny day her skin cracked. Surprised she saw she wasn't long anymore. She shakes a little - and what happens? She rises. The flaps behind can be moved, so she can fly. She flew up, up and away - to the waterstream. "I didn't know, the world is so big with so many colours," she thinks with joy. She is now a water-butterfly.

Down at the grass the white rabbit looked at the sky and saw her upthere. "I will fly too! I will!" he shouted and moved his ears forwards and backwards.

(I tell in a comment how my process with the image has been)

mandag, september 11, 2006


Nothing's left after the war: no houses, no road, no shops, no laughs, no cafes, no pidgeons, no houswives at shopping, no roadworkers, no unemployed on the bench, no bikes, no cars -

- and yet. Here, in the middle of nowhere, is a boy, transparent, sitting with a red ball. Will he give up, go home - if he has a home? Or will he try to play with his ball? As long as the children play, there is hope for a future.

(The ruins are from Berlin 1945 after WW2, I've drawed the boy.)

lørdag, september 09, 2006


The ladybug and the gentlemanbug are going to learn their 3 little kidbugs to milk their aphids. The ladybug-parents have learned it by the ants. "Adr!" says the one kidbug.

"Don't you want some food?" the father says. "Yes, but you shall give it to me," she says. "What will you do, when you are alone", asks the father. "I will never be alone - I'll be a family-ladybug," she says, "and I love you, dad!"

"OK, wait a minute, I'll come with some food," the father says.

fredag, september 08, 2006

best regards from Einstein

I have received this postcard today, and now I'm sending it to you all. Yes, many people see IllustrationFriday!

If you're writing your blog-adress in the comment, I'll pass on your regards :)

(I hope you will see it for what it is - just a joke.)

søndag, september 03, 2006


The wasps are angry: "I'll get you! I'll sting you! Come out, you coward!" But the grass-man is safe, completely safe. Allthough he isn't happy at all. He wants to come out, and he miss his girlfriend. He is thinking: "Maybee it's better to be free and fight with the wasps than to be caught in this jail?"

søndag, august 27, 2006


The white rabbit would teach the porcupine to run. "You must learn to run for your life," he said. "But - I'll just curl up, " the porcupine said. "No, it's not OK," the rabbit said.

The rabbit said: "Just look at me - down with your nose and strech on your hind leg very hard, ready to run!" The porcupine tried - but ouch! His nose fellt to the dirt, and his hind legs hang in the air.

"Maybee you should curl up, " the rabbit said.

lørdag, august 19, 2006


One day the grass-man and his girlfriend walked together. Suddenly he stopped, he would see, if their feet were well matched - they both agreed, that their feet couldn't match better than they did.

They were so engaged, that they didn't see the two ladybirds, allthough they were quite large for ladybirds to be. In fact, the one wasn't a ladybird, it was a gentlemanbird, and they matched well too.

mandag, august 14, 2006


The grass-man drawed a man at the stones with white crayon from the school, and then he played "jump-in-the-man".

His friends always wants him to start - then they can jump in his footprints. Maybee you remember, that when the grass-man goes at stones or at the ground without any plants, he lefts grass in his footprints?

lørdag, juli 29, 2006


Today it's time for doing the laundry. It's summer, but allthough the sheep is feeling cold. It's the grass-man, who's doing the laundry, he loves it. "Why are you doing this against me?" the sheep cried.

søndag, juli 23, 2006


The wasp and the turtle are real opposites.

A turtle can be very old, maybee that's why she is slow - why hurry? She'll probably arrive at time, if not today, then tomorrow. She are going to walk in the puddle, that's why she has her red boots on. Remember the porcupine? He stuck in the puddle, but the turtle loves water.

Then came the wasp flying very fast. The wasp is almost allways mad and busy. "Away, that's my food!" he cries, if he finds some people, who eat jam outdoor.

The turtle sang: "Slow down, you move too fast". The wasp turned back and cried: "It's none of your business!" and tried to sting the turtle at her shield. "It was not the most clever thing to do", the turtle said, while the wasp broke his spine.

The wasp flew very mad away, while the turtle, happy as ever, continued her way to the puddle.

lørdag, juli 15, 2006


All the other friends are at the beach, but they needed to clean the windows. Noone wanted to do it, and then they did "stone-scissors-paper", and the porcupine lost and had to sacrifice himself. "Never more say scissor" he repeated again and again.

And maybee he shouldn't say the same, "scissor" , EVERY time...

lørdag, juli 08, 2006


It's summer, and each summer there's big changes at the field. The hole day through people's running, hopping and laughing, and the sheep is quite confused.

But late in the evening, after sunset, she loves eating her grass and look at the new skyline. She's happy, and she thinks at her new very good friend, the ram called Ursus.

fredag, juli 07, 2006


It's a little sticky situation for the grassman's little sticky friend: he's stuck in the puddle...

fredag, juni 30, 2006

rain again

Rain and tears...

The grassman is so sorry, because his girlfriend has gone on holiday for 3 days - she left him 2 hours ago and he miss her so...

onsdag, juni 28, 2006


Can anyone guess, what this is?

fredag, juni 23, 2006


In Denmark we say, if you're out early in the morning of the Whit Sunday, and if you see the sunset, that you've seen the sun of the whitsun dance. And I think, the dance will be better, if you're two to see it..

lørdag, juni 03, 2006

portrait again

Portrait of Karoline & Mogens, 2. version.


This couple is my great-grandparents, Karoline & Mogens.

søndag, maj 21, 2006


Oh, poor, poor sheep - yesterday he loved her,
today he love "L" - she is so sorry...

lørdag, maj 13, 2006

angel & devil

Angel & devil - I think, we have both inside us. I have tried to imagine myself up in the sky looking down at myself:

The devil-me sits with her red fork and hair-horn, angry at the whole world. I think, it would be dangerous to come near the fork.

The angel-me has her wings made of feathers from a white bird with twinkles, and the glory is shining with stars too. This angel-me is happy and contented with everything in her life.

And me? I'm just down here at the old Earth. I'm not just good, I'm not just bad - I hope I have enough love to be a good-enough mother, friend, neighbour, colleague, daughter, sister - while living my life.

Big hugs to you from Denmark!

søndag, maj 07, 2006

round (some call it fat...)

Here is the grass-man's girl-friend. He's calling her his round lady, and the bikini is a gift from him - he loves to reach for the stars..

(I've drawed the round lady with my dear mouse and used different textures to the bikini and beach, the sky is made from a photo.)

I used this figure to the round lady's hair - I only changed the white colour to green with stars - as her bikini

lørdag, april 29, 2006

under the sea

Deep down under the sea live some strange creatures - I've never seen them, I'm not a diver, so I must imagine, how they look - and here's my imagination! One more water-butterfly is flying away.

My scanner is broken - bad luck! I'm saving some money for a new one, untill then my mouse must help me to draw. So it's all mouse-drawn at layers, I've used Paint Shop Pro.

torsdag, april 27, 2006

robot again

It's Erik Schrader, a very talented danish writer and cartoonist, who has drawn this funny cartoon for me. You can find him at
He has written several books for children. The main theme is: How to draw... - in this books he shows children how to draw monsters, fairytales, wild animals etc.

Thank you very much, Erik Schrader.

lørdag, april 22, 2006


In these days this little fellow, the spring-robot, has a busy time. Sometimes his best friend, the grass-man, is helping him, but he can only do the grass. They are invisible for human beings, in case you wonder why you've never seen him and his friend.
In this week he visited Denmark...

mandag, april 17, 2006

spotted again

Here I'm spotted so many years ago
I was standing laughing with at phone...

inspired by

lørdag, april 15, 2006


Sometimes sunflowers are growing very fast.


A rainy sunday I spotted some snowdrops: