mandag, oktober 23, 2006

nice ghosts

Two ghosts are ready for Halloween. They both agree, that white is oldfashioned for ghosts. "Your green clothes matches your eyes - amazing!" the first ghost said. "And your blue is just the same as your blue eyes - it is so beautiful!"

The bat flew up in the sky and wondered where to get these clothes. "I think the green stars would be cool for me, " he thought.

5 kommentarer:

michael dailey sagde ...

didnt know ghost were soooooo fashion consious lol
funny stuff

marcisenders sagde ...

So cute!

steve sagde ...

Such colorful and vibrant ghosts. They must've been sneaking peaks of the Pac Man guys, or perhaps it was a coincidence. Great job!

FreeCyprus sagde ...

that bat looks like one of the bats i had hanging over my front door but the wind ripped it off the string!

I brought in him to dry him off (it was windy AND rainy) and my mum freaked out when she visited. Imagine her heading for the kitchen sink to see this black rat with wings sitting in one of the sinks, eyes on top staring at her!

luisa brehm sagde ...

oh Georg, you made me laugh now and i really needed ;-)))))
this is sooooo cool !!!
hugs and kisses !!!