onsdag, juni 27, 2007

just for fun

Happy dog

Blue cat

Old mr. Green-Sheep

Here are some more images, where I use a photo and replace, convert the colors at the photo to my own colors. It's fun playing with colors, emotions etc.


If geese could react as chameleons - change their colors after their surroundings - I think these two would do like this. They're hunted by the farmer, who want some goose roast. They want to live much longer, therefore they're hiding in front of the shawl of his wife. I wonder if he will find them?

This time I've made something quite different! I've used a photo of two geese and deleted the background. Then I replaced the colors at the photo with my own colors. Quite a slow, but funny process! The colors should correspond with the shadows etc. The shawl behind is just made with special brushes in Paint Shop Pro.

lørdag, juni 16, 2007


(continued from "sign", May the 27th, 2007)

Maybee the white rabbit has eaten too many carrots? He can't eat anymore, nor can his friends: The bluebird won't eat carrots. Porcu uses to eat quite a lot carrots, but he visits his new friend, Porcupi. The grassman and his girlfriend had eaten carrot-cake, carrot-bread, carrot-salats and fresh carrots, and now they won't have anymore. He had even asked the wasp. "No-one here want to eat anymore carrots, everybody rejects, too bad" he thinks.

Then he see the giraffe, the refugee from Africa. "Now he must help," the white rabbit thinks. "You upthere - here are some carrots" he said.

"No thanks," says the giraffe, "I don't eat carrots." "Aren't my carrots good enough?", the rabbit said. "I'm sure they are, but I only eat leaves from tall trees," the giraffe explains.

"Ah, that's why you have your long neck! I thought, you came here to steal my carrots," the white rabbit says, a bit ashamed. He would ask why he came here from Africa, but the giraffe was already gone. The giraffe walked quickly because of his long legs, and the white rabbit couldn't even walk with his big stomach. "One day I'll ask him, what he will do at our place," was the last, he thought, before he felt asleep.

(to be continued)


The grassman's girlfriend will buy a new t-shirt to him. He has got some new jeans, and now she will make it to a completely new suit. She doesn't want to see him in his old green and striped pyjamas-shirt, which has become too small for him.

But it is difficult to choose.

The black and grey t-shirt is cool. But is her grassman cool? No, not so much - or maybee? Does he want to be cool?

What about the blue one? Then it will be a completely denim suit. "Do I want a cowboy as my boyfriend?" she asks herself and smiles. A cowboy with grass-hair and grass-feet?

Or maybe he would be very trendy with the green one. But wouldn't it look foolish, if the grassman suddenly is trendy? Can grass-hair look trendy?

She can't decide which one to buy. He will be just the same good old grass-man no matter what t-shirt he wears, she knows. But if he doesn't like the new t-shirt, he will continue to use his very small, green striped pyjamas-shirt - and it's indeed not trendy! Once in a while she decides one - and then she regrets.

Anyone who can help?

søndag, juni 03, 2007

the paradise of the grassman

This is so near paradise as it's possible - for the grassman...

It's summer. Butterflies fly around and disappear up in the sky. Dandelions show their star-seeds, before they're throwing them away to make new dandelions. At last, but not least, there are lots of green grass - foxtails, poas and other types of grasses. Nature is growing.

It's not a paradise for Felix, the cat. He wants to eat the bluebird. Luckily he can't catch her - else it would not had been a paradise for the bluebird. But what about Felix, must he be hungry? Not at all - he can get some cat-food, bought by the grassman's girlfriend. Any other suggestions?