lørdag, marts 24, 2007

I spy

This magic night the grassman is spying on something, he doesn't know what. He has never spyed before. The cat Felix has told him, that he will see something marvellous, if he came down to the wood this night at 23 o'clock. He should be absolute quiet and nobody must see him.

He is anxious and afraid for, that the two bats will show, that he is there. He is very quite, but once in a while he must breathe.

What can it be?

(I'm busy preparing my very first exhibition - allthough it's not so big, there are many things to do, I think. I'm sorry, I've not the time to comment just now. But my exhibition starts at wednesday the 4th of April - then I have plenty of time! I hope...)


These women are totally hidden from the outside world. No men outside their family may see them - their bodies, their faces, their feelings, their body languages. The women may not and cannot be part of the society - it's very difficult to communicate without being able to see the human being in the black disguise.

Can anything be so dangerous, that's the only possibility for salvation is to hide totally? I don't understand.

If we just can see the face, it's making a big difference. Then we can see the human being behind, and she can interfere with the world.

(The photos in the collage is from a demonstration in Yemen february 2006)

mandag, marts 12, 2007


The grass-man is at the hospital. He is quite healthy, he's only helping the doctors to find out, why some people are good sleepers and some are not, and the doctors will help the sleepless people. His girlfriend has proposed him to take part in these experiments, because he is an extremely good sleeper.

And now he's laying here at the hospital with green wires and plasters. The doctor has told him to sleep, but he can't sleep at all. His eyes are getting bigger and bigger. He is sorry about, that he can't help the doctors.

torsdag, marts 08, 2007

no hiding place

The Felix-cat and the Phoenix-bird cannot hide their eyes in the dark. Everyone can see them, both the scaring animals and the ghosts. Indeed, Felix is very happy about the Phoenix-bird has arrived. He doesn't think, the Phoenix-bird is as scared as he is. It's good to have great friends.

mandag, marts 05, 2007


In many years the cat Felix was the only one, who couldn't play "hiding in the dark" with The Grass-man and his friends. But now they were two, and he was very glad about that. One more thing, he was glad about: that the fire in the Phoenix-birds feet was out.

fredag, marts 02, 2007


Today it's exactly one year since I started to make images in here - it was the 2th of march 2006. I enjoy making these pictures - so maybee there will come another year?