lørdag, januar 27, 2007


One summernight the grass-man was out for a party. He was amongst his friends, music was good - life wasn't so bad, he thought. Actually life was very good for the grass-man.

Then he saw the most wonderful girl, he'd ever seen. She was dancing. He couldn't help looking at her most of the time. Then suddenly she was gone, he couldn't see her anymore. He got sad - until a beautiful voice said: "You look to be a sweet and kind man - should we dance?"

He got very happy and a little shy, and his cheeks turned red - almost as red as the walls in the danceroom.

That's how the grass-man met his girlfriend for the first time.

torsdag, januar 25, 2007


I think this song gets xtra qualities with the pictures, the music and the text simultaneous - that's just great, if you like Bob Dylan. I do indeed.

Thanks for showing it, Mauricio.

mandag, januar 22, 2007

super hero

The grass-man has made some badges with a picture of his girlfriend. "She is my super hero," he said, "even the crownprincess Mary of Denmark can't cope with her. I love her and she loves me - I'm a lucky man."

Anyone who doesn't know our Crownprincess Mary? Then maybee you can google her?

tirsdag, januar 02, 2007


One day the cat walked in the field, looking for mice. Suddenly there was a large bird ahead him. "Hi, my name is Felix, and I'm a cat," he said. "My name is Phoenix, and I'm a Phoenix-bird," the bird said. "Ok, then I'm a Felix-cat," he smiled.

"Don't it hurt, the fire in your feet?" Felix asked. "Not at all, I'm born in fire," she said. Felix wondered: "Did you came out of the egg in fire?" The Phoenix-bird said: "I did not come out of an egg. When the previous Phoenix-bird was 500 years, she burned out in a fire and then I grew up of it."

"Very weird," Felix thought, "no-one will believe me, if I tell, that I've met at bird with burning feet, whose mother was 500 years and burned to death when this Phoenix-bird here came out of another thing than an egg!" Then he laughed: "Ah - she's making fun because it's new-year!"

He said "Happy Newyear to you too," and walked across the field to visit the grass-man and his friends. He only wondered why the fire didn't hurt the Phoenix-bird.