onsdag, september 19, 2007

my father and my mother's wedding

Here is my father and my mother at their wedding day the 10th of November 1951. I'm glad, that my father doesn't have those green stripes in his face - anymore :-)


onsdag, september 12, 2007

autumn again

Here is a leaf from a hip plant - in danish: hyben. I like the yellow and pale green - isn't that beautiful?

I think, this little twig looks like a tree itself - amazing.


Here in Denmark autumn has begun. I always enjoy all the beautiful colors of the leaves at trees and bushes:

Above is an enlarged image of the leaf maple "downunder". Isn't it magic?

søndag, september 09, 2007


Coffee makes the world go around :-)

lørdag, september 01, 2007


The Grassman has never gone to school. In his world wasn't that necessary - nature and his friends were most important for him. But when he met his girlfriend, he saw that she loved to look in some paper with strokes in. She told him about the wonderful world, she met in the world of books. "If you want, I will show you how to read," she said.

Of course he would like it. He thinks, it's very difficult, but he will learn it, he will share reading with his girlfriend. Now he wonders, how the strokes in "GRASS" can mean his hair. "Strange," he said.