søndag, maj 21, 2006


Oh, poor, poor sheep - yesterday he loved her,
today he love "L" - she is so sorry...

lørdag, maj 13, 2006

angel & devil

Angel & devil - I think, we have both inside us. I have tried to imagine myself up in the sky looking down at myself:

The devil-me sits with her red fork and hair-horn, angry at the whole world. I think, it would be dangerous to come near the fork.

The angel-me has her wings made of feathers from a white bird with twinkles, and the glory is shining with stars too. This angel-me is happy and contented with everything in her life.

And me? I'm just down here at the old Earth. I'm not just good, I'm not just bad - I hope I have enough love to be a good-enough mother, friend, neighbour, colleague, daughter, sister - while living my life.

Big hugs to you from Denmark!

søndag, maj 07, 2006

round (some call it fat...)

Here is the grass-man's girl-friend. He's calling her his round lady, and the bikini is a gift from him - he loves to reach for the stars..

(I've drawed the round lady with my dear mouse and used different textures to the bikini and beach, the sky is made from a photo.)

I used this figure to the round lady's hair - I only changed the white colour to green with stars - as her bikini