fredag, september 22, 2006


The grassman has got a computer from his girlfriend at his birthday.

One day the computer-table should be used another place. Afterwards the grassman would put the leads in the right switches. But suddenly he got very scared - he cried: Snakes are coming!

His girlfriend came and saved him. She putted the leads in the switches and kissed him. He wondered why the snakes didn't bite her.

That's how the grassman got a phobia - he is afraid of leads.

mandag, september 18, 2006


Life changes for a water-butterfly: At first she is inside an egg, thinking world is nice and blue. In the egg she has her very own lunch. She's eating and eating - and she's growing. One day the shell cracks, and now she is a caterpillar.

"I didn't know, I was so long," she thought. Luckily there is some food for her. Life is green and wonderful.

One day she got very tired, at last she couldn't even eat. "That was my life," she thought and closed her eyes. Just before she holds at the leaf - she wouldn't fall down in the dirt. She was now a crysalis.

Time passes by. One sunny day her skin cracked. Surprised she saw she wasn't long anymore. She shakes a little - and what happens? She rises. The flaps behind can be moved, so she can fly. She flew up, up and away - to the waterstream. "I didn't know, the world is so big with so many colours," she thinks with joy. She is now a water-butterfly.

Down at the grass the white rabbit looked at the sky and saw her upthere. "I will fly too! I will!" he shouted and moved his ears forwards and backwards.

(I tell in a comment how my process with the image has been)

mandag, september 11, 2006


Nothing's left after the war: no houses, no road, no shops, no laughs, no cafes, no pidgeons, no houswives at shopping, no roadworkers, no unemployed on the bench, no bikes, no cars -

- and yet. Here, in the middle of nowhere, is a boy, transparent, sitting with a red ball. Will he give up, go home - if he has a home? Or will he try to play with his ball? As long as the children play, there is hope for a future.

(The ruins are from Berlin 1945 after WW2, I've drawed the boy.)

lørdag, september 09, 2006


The ladybug and the gentlemanbug are going to learn their 3 little kidbugs to milk their aphids. The ladybug-parents have learned it by the ants. "Adr!" says the one kidbug.

"Don't you want some food?" the father says. "Yes, but you shall give it to me," she says. "What will you do, when you are alone", asks the father. "I will never be alone - I'll be a family-ladybug," she says, "and I love you, dad!"

"OK, wait a minute, I'll come with some food," the father says.

fredag, september 08, 2006

best regards from Einstein

I have received this postcard today, and now I'm sending it to you all. Yes, many people see IllustrationFriday!

If you're writing your blog-adress in the comment, I'll pass on your regards :)

(I hope you will see it for what it is - just a joke.)

søndag, september 03, 2006


The wasps are angry: "I'll get you! I'll sting you! Come out, you coward!" But the grass-man is safe, completely safe. Allthough he isn't happy at all. He wants to come out, and he miss his girlfriend. He is thinking: "Maybee it's better to be free and fight with the wasps than to be caught in this jail?"