lørdag, juli 29, 2006


Today it's time for doing the laundry. It's summer, but allthough the sheep is feeling cold. It's the grass-man, who's doing the laundry, he loves it. "Why are you doing this against me?" the sheep cried.

søndag, juli 23, 2006


The wasp and the turtle are real opposites.

A turtle can be very old, maybee that's why she is slow - why hurry? She'll probably arrive at time, if not today, then tomorrow. She are going to walk in the puddle, that's why she has her red boots on. Remember the porcupine? He stuck in the puddle, but the turtle loves water.

Then came the wasp flying very fast. The wasp is almost allways mad and busy. "Away, that's my food!" he cries, if he finds some people, who eat jam outdoor.

The turtle sang: "Slow down, you move too fast". The wasp turned back and cried: "It's none of your business!" and tried to sting the turtle at her shield. "It was not the most clever thing to do", the turtle said, while the wasp broke his spine.

The wasp flew very mad away, while the turtle, happy as ever, continued her way to the puddle.

lørdag, juli 15, 2006


All the other friends are at the beach, but they needed to clean the windows. Noone wanted to do it, and then they did "stone-scissors-paper", and the porcupine lost and had to sacrifice himself. "Never more say scissor" he repeated again and again.

And maybee he shouldn't say the same, "scissor" , EVERY time...

lørdag, juli 08, 2006


It's summer, and each summer there's big changes at the field. The hole day through people's running, hopping and laughing, and the sheep is quite confused.

But late in the evening, after sunset, she loves eating her grass and look at the new skyline. She's happy, and she thinks at her new very good friend, the ram called Ursus.

fredag, juli 07, 2006


It's a little sticky situation for the grassman's little sticky friend: he's stuck in the puddle...