søndag, oktober 29, 2006


It's autumn, and the wind-cloud has become strong and has blown the porcupine around. He cryes for help, and luckily his friend, the white rabbit, hears him. He calls for the giraffe, who comes very fast.

"Go away from my friends," the giraffe says. "We two are stronger than that cloud", the white rabbit says and hides himself between the giraffe's long legs.

fredag, oktober 27, 2006


These women are not ghosts. They only look like. I wish, I could see their faces, see them as those human beings, they are.

It's only the burca, where we only can se the eyes, I think is a bit scaring. Other veils can be very beautiful. I really respect the muslim woman's wish to wear veil - of course. I only want to see her face.

It's this photo of women from Yemen, that inspired me to the image above.

mandag, oktober 23, 2006

nice ghosts

Two ghosts are ready for Halloween. They both agree, that white is oldfashioned for ghosts. "Your green clothes matches your eyes - amazing!" the first ghost said. "And your blue is just the same as your blue eyes - it is so beautiful!"

The bat flew up in the sky and wondered where to get these clothes. "I think the green stars would be cool for me, " he thought.

søndag, oktober 22, 2006


Some weeks ago did a spider eat the wasp, who would sting the grassman. He knows it's dead, but once in a while he still sees it as a shadow. "He must be an evil wasp-ghost now," he says. "I feel sorry for the other ghosts if he will sting them..."

søndag, oktober 15, 2006


The grassman and his girlfriend love to look at the stars. Especially they love the Big Dipper.

"I wonder how the stars could place them just in that way, like a trolley. Maybee they had a picture to look at," the grassman said. "Yes, maybee," his girlfriend said.

"I'm glad, you are down here," he said. "Me too," she said. That is - he's calling her for his very own star.

torsdag, oktober 12, 2006

lørdag, oktober 07, 2006


About once a day the wasp teases the spider - he flies through the web, it's not strong and sticky enough for him. Then the spider must spin his web again.

But one day enough was enough. The spider took some very, very strong glue, called "Karlssons Klister" - this he rubbed all over the web.

Then came the wasp. "Hello, are you ready to get a hole once more?", he cried. He flew through the web - he thought, but he got caught and couldn't do anything. The spider walked towards the wasp. "Now you're in BIG trouble,"he said, "I'm gonna eat my lunch now."

mandag, oktober 02, 2006


Sometimes the white rabbit is too speedy, and so it's necessary for him to slow down. Then he likes to go to the corn-field. Here's not quite quiet, but nearly - today he can only hear a gentle breeze in the corn and in the leaves of the tree.

"Wonderful," he thinks, "now I start my new, slowly life - and I can hear again."

But he couldn't hear everything - two autumn-butterflies played around, completely quiet.