onsdag, december 31, 2008

tirsdag, december 09, 2008

similar again

The women above are not similar allthough they look so, if we don't look at the color of their eyes.

But why must the eyes be (nearly) the only difference, when she isn't at home?

søndag, december 07, 2008


2 similar bluebirds are flying in the sky, looking down to 2 similar porcupines - they think.

They are not quite similar - the one to the right is Porcu, and she is always a bit worried and shy. At the left is her good friend, Porcupy. He is (nearly) always happy - and sometimes he makes Porcu happy too.

søndag, november 23, 2008

pretend - again again

Here in my blog I pretend I'm a girl in blue dress, always happy, wawing to the world recognizing funny, touching and crazy things in life. And I pretend, I've lots of self-irony.

In real life I'm sad, happy, depressed, crazy, caring, naive, stupid, self-ironic, enthusiastic, afraid, angry, grateful, quiet, noisy, peaceable, blue, red and green :-) (And many more things, I don't remember just now).

In my soap-bubble the world is smaller and more simple. Therefore, I think, it's possible to see the funny, touching and crazy things in our bigger world.

I love playing here - and yes, I think I'm being wiser when I look at the world with "soap-bubble-glasses".

søndag, november 16, 2008

pretend - again

Porcu pretend, she's a pile of autumn-leaves -

lørdag, november 15, 2008


The grassmann pretends he is sleeping - it's only one eye, which is closed. In danish we say, we are sleeping as a fox, "fox sleep" - a sleep to cheat fx one's parents.

torsdag, oktober 23, 2008

fredag, september 05, 2008


Last week I was at Crete. It was like a very hot fairytale - beautiful island and tasty food. What a lovely place!

I want to come here again - I have only good memories from Crete.

søndag, august 17, 2008


If a pixie cap could feel, the stribed cap would feel alone and detached from his snowman.

But a pixie cap can't feel anything - or can it?

mandag, juli 28, 2008


here is my man in the moon :-)

søndag, juli 27, 2008


It's summer and the sheep is very happy. She loves snow, and most of all she loves counting the snowflakes, although it's very, very difficult.

Now she has found some canned snowflakes out in the field. "Now I can count the snowflakes," she said to the bluebird, "there are 23 or 25 flakes."

torsdag, juli 24, 2008


Maybe there can't be poured more coffee in that mug?
Maybe the coffee is strong enough?
Maybe the grassman has got enough coffee?

lørdag, juli 12, 2008


"Is it you, Porcu?" asked the white rabbit - the world was so foggy, that he nearly couldn't see.

Porcu is the name for one of the white rabbit's friends, a porcupine. Maybee you can see, that it's just a big hair-brush, he's sniffing at.