mandag, juli 28, 2008


here is my man in the moon :-)

søndag, juli 27, 2008


It's summer and the sheep is very happy. She loves snow, and most of all she loves counting the snowflakes, although it's very, very difficult.

Now she has found some canned snowflakes out in the field. "Now I can count the snowflakes," she said to the bluebird, "there are 23 or 25 flakes."

torsdag, juli 24, 2008


Maybe there can't be poured more coffee in that mug?
Maybe the coffee is strong enough?
Maybe the grassman has got enough coffee?

lørdag, juli 12, 2008


"Is it you, Porcu?" asked the white rabbit - the world was so foggy, that he nearly couldn't see.

Porcu is the name for one of the white rabbit's friends, a porcupine. Maybee you can see, that it's just a big hair-brush, he's sniffing at.