søndag, november 26, 2006

an inventor

Here you see an inventor. He's the man, who invents the words, that bloggers shall write to show, that they're not spamming, but are going to write a true comment for a blog.

It's a hard and difficult job, but luckily he is very creative and uses many different fonts, colours and letters. He will not use wellknown words, because it would be too easy for the comment-writers.

lørdag, november 25, 2006


One day the sheep said to the grassman's girlfriend: "All other sheep have curls, but I have squared hair - why?".

The grassman's girlfriend looked at her. "You could try this. Normally it's foolish if a sheep like you are going to be glamourized, but here the nature has gone crazy while given you squares! I think it's ok to help the nature a bit," and she lend her her curling iron.

"What a marvellous invention," thinks the sheep, and in her thoughts it was raining curls...

lørdag, november 18, 2006


The ram Ursus said to the sheep: "I'm giving you my love". The sheep said "Thanks".

søndag, november 12, 2006


The porcupine has cleaned the window from the inside. Or - he has tried. He couldn't reach the glass at the top, and that's why this still is dirty. He is very sad about that he can't see the pretty red flower. The bottom of the window is quite clear.

"I can't even clean a window," he said sadly. "That's only because you're a porcupine, " the autumn-butterfly said. "You're not created to do that." "But - I can't do anything right", he cried. The butterfly said: "Oh yes, you're the best one here to curl up." "Yes I am," said the porcupine a bit happy and proud too.

Maybee we should ask the grassman to clean the rest?

onsdag, november 08, 2006

smoke by boots

The turtle is burning her red boots. When she's wearing them, her feet is quite wet by sweat. She would rather get her feet wet by water instead, that doesn't stink.

Besides she thinks, the boots look a bit silly. "I'm not a peacock or a human being, I don't need such decoration. I'm a turtle, and I'm proud of being a turtle", she told the grass-man. He agreed.

lørdag, november 04, 2006


My mother died of emphysema far too young - because of those small white murder-nails, called cigarettes. The last years she had a hard time. She got oxygen day and night, it did the breathing a little easier.

I'm sorry, my image is so negative this time - I can't help it.