fredag, december 22, 2006


It's night. Snow has fallen, and it squeaks, when the white rabbit walks through the wood upon the snow. Else it's a silent night.

Suddenly he stops. He sees, that one of the trees doesn't look like it usually do. In the top of the tree there is a star, and there is some golden shine around it.

It's very beautiful and peaceful, and the white rabbit wished, some of his friends were there to share the moment with him. He looks around him, and there, just there up in the sky, is a big, twinkling star. "It must be the peace-star," he thought, and sat down and enjoyed it. Just in that moment there was peace on earth.

For this night "the speedy rabbit" had changed to "the silent rabbit".

happy holidays

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Great and Happy Newyear - I'm looking forward in 2007 to see all the beautiful, happy, great, crazy, funny, wonderful, creative, expressive....and much more... images!

Will you HELP me to make a great 2007? :-)

Hugs from Denmark - georg

(In danish: Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår!)

søndag, december 17, 2006


One night it started snowing. The sheep went out, she loves snowflakes. She tried to count them. It was difficult - when the lowest snowflakes hitted the ground, new came from the sky.

She called her very good friend Ursus for help. She thought, that he could count the upper flakes and she could count the lower.
It was still difficult, but they helped one another.

mandag, december 11, 2006


The grassman loves to see snow is falling - from the inside of the window. He doesn't like to be outside when it's winter. He has made a poem:

No grass can grow
in the snow
that's why I say it loud:
I will not go out!

When it's winter, he looses his grasshair, but it's growing out next spring, so he doesn't care.


" Hi Porcu and Sheep, what are you going to do?" the bluebird asked. "We're going to the white rabbit," the porcupine said, "and we will surprise him - he can't recognize us at all, because we have our masks on," the porcupine said. The bluebird laughed: "Yes, you're complete hidden, Porcu and Sheep - enjoy!"

"Yes, we are hidden. I only wonder how she knows our names?" the porcupine said. The sheep smiled - this was one of the rare moments, where the porcupine was happy. Especially in these times, where the grass is grey and the leaves have disappeared (nearly), he was a bit depressed. Winter is coming, and soon he should make a winter lair. He remembered, that he would miss his friends. But he had to - else he couldn't survive the winter.

onsdag, december 06, 2006


One simple question: What has the strongest power - a dandelion or asphalt? The answer is not logical but fabolous: the dandelion! It can broke even the hardest asphalt and bloom with it's sunshine-flowers and white star-stick. The weather is so fine here, maybee it's thinking spring's here one more time?

After the rain comes the earthworm up on the road, looking for something, I don't know what, and two autumn-butterflies are trying to reach the clouds. That's autumn at the land of the grass-man.