lørdag, marts 25, 2006


The grass-man looks through the window - maybee he sees a monster...

søndag, marts 19, 2006

The grass-man was here!

- follow his footprints to the places, where we can walk bare-footed!

fredag, marts 17, 2006


I'm longing for summer, or at least spring, so we again can go bare-footed on the grass - that isn't too much to wish, is it?

My feet are made with mouse - with all the limitations it has...

fredag, marts 10, 2006

- og lige én mere...

this time the letter "y"

how I made the tattoo:

I've used the letters "m" and "w" in the font Absinth Flourishes I


Some examples:

søndag, marts 05, 2006

lørdag, marts 04, 2006


In Denmark we have a song about collecting good moments - when we forget seeing the moments, life becomes a little more poor, I think.

I've borrowed the words from the talented carla at anonyrrie - hope it's ok.


Imagine a water-butterfly...