lørdag, marts 04, 2006


In Denmark we have a song about collecting good moments - when we forget seeing the moments, life becomes a little more poor, I think.

I've borrowed the words from the talented carla at anonyrrie - hope it's ok.

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Siddhartha De sagde ...

Hi George,
Being a Bengali from India I feel flattered to find a quote from our dear Tagore.

Is he well known in Denmark?

georg sagde ...

Actual - I didn't know him until I saw his words at carla at anonyrrie - she's from US - but I will like to read something of his, I have actually found some sites at the net. He is not well known in Denmark - maybee we should do something about that??

Lori Witzel sagde ...

I love the idea of a song about collecting the moments...I feel like my camera's a magic bag that allows me to do just that.

Thanks for your kind remarks on my blog -- always good to get feedback!

zordis sagde ...

Den sommerfuglen er flodt! Hilsen fra spanja!

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