søndag, august 27, 2006


The white rabbit would teach the porcupine to run. "You must learn to run for your life," he said. "But - I'll just curl up, " the porcupine said. "No, it's not OK," the rabbit said.

The rabbit said: "Just look at me - down with your nose and strech on your hind leg very hard, ready to run!" The porcupine tried - but ouch! His nose fellt to the dirt, and his hind legs hang in the air.

"Maybee you should curl up, " the rabbit said.

lørdag, august 19, 2006


One day the grass-man and his girlfriend walked together. Suddenly he stopped, he would see, if their feet were well matched - they both agreed, that their feet couldn't match better than they did.

They were so engaged, that they didn't see the two ladybirds, allthough they were quite large for ladybirds to be. In fact, the one wasn't a ladybird, it was a gentlemanbird, and they matched well too.

mandag, august 14, 2006


The grass-man drawed a man at the stones with white crayon from the school, and then he played "jump-in-the-man".

His friends always wants him to start - then they can jump in his footprints. Maybee you remember, that when the grass-man goes at stones or at the ground without any plants, he lefts grass in his footprints?