lørdag, april 29, 2006

under the sea

Deep down under the sea live some strange creatures - I've never seen them, I'm not a diver, so I must imagine, how they look - and here's my imagination! One more water-butterfly is flying away.

My scanner is broken - bad luck! I'm saving some money for a new one, untill then my mouse must help me to draw. So it's all mouse-drawn at layers, I've used Paint Shop Pro.

torsdag, april 27, 2006

robot again

It's Erik Schrader, a very talented danish writer and cartoonist, who has drawn this funny cartoon for me. You can find him at http://www.schradertegner.dk/
He has written several books for children. The main theme is: How to draw... - in this books he shows children how to draw monsters, fairytales, wild animals etc.

Thank you very much, Erik Schrader.

lørdag, april 22, 2006


In these days this little fellow, the spring-robot, has a busy time. Sometimes his best friend, the grass-man, is helping him, but he can only do the grass. They are invisible for human beings, in case you wonder why you've never seen him and his friend.
In this week he visited Denmark...

mandag, april 17, 2006

spotted again

Here I'm spotted so many years ago
I was standing laughing with at phone...

inspired by

lørdag, april 15, 2006


Sometimes sunflowers are growing very fast.


A rainy sunday I spotted some snowdrops:

lørdag, april 01, 2006

- rising peachcolored sun...


In danish "spring" means sort of "run", and that is, what the man is doing - he is running like hell towards spring...