lørdag, april 15, 2006


Sometimes sunflowers are growing very fast.

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zordis sagde ...

Hej Georg, Den er vel flot! De solblomster er grejt!

this one is soo cool and the sunflowers are soo great. I have seen sunflower fields and there is nothing as beautiful!

Great work!

TXArtcGal sagde ...

Awesome style!

stephan sagde ...

Not just very quick but also enormous! Or is it a very small giraffe? :)

georg sagde ...

Hi Stephan! No, I think it's a very normal giraffe, so.. the sunflowers get to the pink clouds too ;-)

Marie-Dom sagde ...

This is such a gorgeous fun picture!!

Al-muslima sagde ...

Wow, really nice picture. It's really fascinating all of it - including all of the other pictures. But especially this one, i really like it.

Keep on the really nice work! :)

Best regards