onsdag, december 06, 2006


One simple question: What has the strongest power - a dandelion or asphalt? The answer is not logical but fabolous: the dandelion! It can broke even the hardest asphalt and bloom with it's sunshine-flowers and white star-stick. The weather is so fine here, maybee it's thinking spring's here one more time?

After the rain comes the earthworm up on the road, looking for something, I don't know what, and two autumn-butterflies are trying to reach the clouds. That's autumn at the land of the grass-man.

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michael dailey sagde ...

wonderful illo. yep its amazing how plants can poke up thru concrete and asphalt like that.

HARDWAX sagde ...

I looked at this and immediately thought, this is one of the coolest ideas i've seen for "mighty".
It's a wonder how nature-in this case, the little dandelion can just do what it needs to and thrive, it is amazing.

Beautiful and so unique this idea!

studio lolo sagde ...

So true! Nature is so resilient and mighty!

Emila Yusof sagde ...

Nice illo! Thanks for sharing the info.

emila yusof

Random York sagde ...

It's true- it's astouding how strong a little plant is.
Neat illustration- it's very optomistic.

buep sagde ...

Wonderful work! Nature is really amazing.

Alina Chau sagde ...

Great concept, little plant could be very powerful and mighty!!

este é o meu corpo sagde ...

this is a nice lesson of life;)
ahhhh i love your country;)

Mauricio sagde ...


I like so much :o)

Hugs from Brazil

luisa brehm sagde ...

this is soooooo beautiful, Georg !!!
happy sunday
hugs and kisses ;-)))))

soleil sagde ...

Nice blog

soleil sagde ...

Nice blog