lørdag, november 18, 2006


The ram Ursus said to the sheep: "I'm giving you my love". The sheep said "Thanks".

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Roy Blumenthal sagde ...

Heheheheehehheeheh! That's very sweet! A neat, whimsical pic, and a cool interpretation of the topic.

I'm glad they're sheep, and not turkeys! Hehehe!

Blue skies

PS: Here's my take on the topic: Thanksgiving.

steve sagde ...

This is so sweet and nicely done Georg. Your work always makes me smile (and I always want to touch it).

Michelle Lana sagde ...

hehe..so cute!

Caitlin sagde ...

Those sheep are adorable!

Rrramone sagde ...

Love those sheep. :-)

michael dailey sagde ...

great llok sheep and sheep thoughts

luisa brehm sagde ...

Oi, Georg, another beautiful and tender one !!!
hugs and kisses ;-)))))

Anonym sagde ...

This is adorable! I appreciate the amount of work and talent that went into this marvelous piece of art! I love the picture, the subjects, the emotion and the way I feel when I look at this! I adore this in evry way!

Emila Yusof sagde ...

Adorable sheeps!! I like your style! Good job!

Tim-Mighty sagde ...

Thanks for the kind comment on my Thanksgiving IF submission :-) ..guess Carl had a good life - you know with growing up on a usual farm and all that.

...i like the textures on ya sheeps..in Germany there is a television show for kids..every evening.called the sandman. Youre LovebirdSheeps remind me of those lil cartoons they show there.

Keep it up.


Issi sagde ...

Hello :o) beautiful thanksgiving,
Best Wishes,