fredag, oktober 27, 2006


These women are not ghosts. They only look like. I wish, I could see their faces, see them as those human beings, they are.

It's only the burca, where we only can se the eyes, I think is a bit scaring. Other veils can be very beautiful. I really respect the muslim woman's wish to wear veil - of course. I only want to see her face.

It's this photo of women from Yemen, that inspired me to the image above.

6 kommentarer:

uvor sagde ...

I like it! And its meaning.
luck, Uli from El Hierro.

Issi sagde ...

great idea , bravo :o)
Best Wishes

Mauricio sagde ...


Good illustration!

Have a nice weekend :o)

DEW sagde ...

Great illustration and I love your other "ghost" posts as well. I really love that you included the picture that inspired your illo - it is interesting to see with your original work. Take care!

Anonym sagde ...

You are really full of ideas for the "ghost" assignment! I like all of them.

luisa brehm sagde ...

i like this, Georg !!!
the way you make it soft, i mean, the message ....