mandag, marts 12, 2007


The grass-man is at the hospital. He is quite healthy, he's only helping the doctors to find out, why some people are good sleepers and some are not, and the doctors will help the sleepless people. His girlfriend has proposed him to take part in these experiments, because he is an extremely good sleeper.

And now he's laying here at the hospital with green wires and plasters. The doctor has told him to sleep, but he can't sleep at all. His eyes are getting bigger and bigger. He is sorry about, that he can't help the doctors.

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Mauricio sagde ...

Sleep Mr. Grass-man!!!!!

So cool Georg, congrats :o)

Hugs from Brazil

md sagde ...

lol sometimes these things happen i guess its like stage fright nice illo

studio lolo sagde ...

Do you think he may be wired from too much fertilizer?? Good one Georg :)

Naturemama sagde ...

I love the grass man. He reminds me of the way my hubby looks when he has to go to the dentist, LOL.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog and commenting too. : )

uvor sagde ...

Great interpretation of the theme! I hope in real life u are not participate in an experiment like this!?
By the way, I pass not so often to other blogs, because my line is so slow on El Hierro...
But I allways stop by here!
Good luck, Ulrich.

Michael O'Connell sagde ...

great work… i have a friend who studies people as they sleep… and, no, he's not a pervert… he gets paid to wire people up… he says that it is incredibly boring… fun drawing… thanks for the visit and kind words

steve sagde ...

Hopefully the grass man can share some of his pointers with me, at least for falling asleep early. Anyhow, great stuff Georg, and best wishes to the Grass Man!

Issi sagde ...

Hello Georg :o)
great job,
Best Wishes,

Tony LaRocca sagde ...

From an electricians POV, green is the color for grounding wires- so at least he's well grounded!

scott sagde ...

grass man reminds me of me,
can't sleep now that I have stopped the grass

love scott

Daedalus sagde ...

I just stumbled across your site from a comment you left on someone else's.
Very enjoyable!

Jake sagde ...

hola! y lo vengo a encontrar a dedalus por acá!
que alegría una cara conocida.
Dejo saludos al blog


Mauricio sagde ...


No updates? plisssssssssss :o)