lørdag, marts 24, 2007


These women are totally hidden from the outside world. No men outside their family may see them - their bodies, their faces, their feelings, their body languages. The women may not and cannot be part of the society - it's very difficult to communicate without being able to see the human being in the black disguise.

Can anything be so dangerous, that's the only possibility for salvation is to hide totally? I don't understand.

If we just can see the face, it's making a big difference. Then we can see the human being behind, and she can interfere with the world.

(The photos in the collage is from a demonstration in Yemen february 2006)

4 kommentarer:

ValGalArt sagde ...

Poignant and well done! Bravo!!!

FreeCyprus sagde ...

I have this Muslim friend who once tried to explain to me that "women are like children and must therefore be treated like children"

This is the medieval mentality that 21st century Western society is facing...

georg sagde ...

Thanks for your comments - and yes, I think it's very important.

To FreeCyprus: - but even children don't have to be totally hidden behind black clothes.

I know, some muslim women choose these clothes themselves, because they want to be good muslims. I just cannot understand, that they think it's ok to be completely hidden for the world outside their homes.

Very important: I respect muslim women's other sorts of clothes - if only we can see their faces. And I hope, that all women would be treated (and act) as human beings, equally men.

uvor sagde ...

I love you for this picture, Uli.