lørdag, juni 16, 2007


The grassman's girlfriend will buy a new t-shirt to him. He has got some new jeans, and now she will make it to a completely new suit. She doesn't want to see him in his old green and striped pyjamas-shirt, which has become too small for him.

But it is difficult to choose.

The black and grey t-shirt is cool. But is her grassman cool? No, not so much - or maybee? Does he want to be cool?

What about the blue one? Then it will be a completely denim suit. "Do I want a cowboy as my boyfriend?" she asks herself and smiles. A cowboy with grass-hair and grass-feet?

Or maybe he would be very trendy with the green one. But wouldn't it look foolish, if the grassman suddenly is trendy? Can grass-hair look trendy?

She can't decide which one to buy. He will be just the same good old grass-man no matter what t-shirt he wears, she knows. But if he doesn't like the new t-shirt, he will continue to use his very small, green striped pyjamas-shirt - and it's indeed not trendy! Once in a while she decides one - and then she regrets.

Anyone who can help?

3 kommentarer:

steve sagde ...

Poor Grassman with his lack of fashion sense. I say she splurges and gets him the whole wardrobe. He'll be good for a long time hopefully. Love the colors and textures and this idea Georg!!

Arkonbey sagde ...

Your collage work that uses what looks like cut paper is much, much stronger than the photoshop works.

I would consider pushing the bounds of this media.

krissie sagde ...

this is great!!