fredag, juni 23, 2006


In Denmark we say, if you're out early in the morning of the Whit Sunday, and if you see the sunset, that you've seen the sun of the whitsun dance. And I think, the dance will be better, if you're two to see it..

4 kommentarer:

michael dailey sagde ...

nice story nice illo

Christine Lim Simpson sagde ...

The idea is perfect. Very warm and romantic feeling about your illo.

steve sagde ...

Very sweet and warm image here. I like the collage feel to your work a lot.

Dave sagde ...

hey georg,

thanks for checking out my illo! But nope it isn't from the little prince. Not to confess ignorance, but I have never read (or even had it read to me) "the little prince." The image came out of frustration regarding global warming and the deforestation of the planet, (lighthearted topic I know).

I wanted the trees to look like they were taking over the planet. If you look closely, all of the continents are covered in roots - completely consumed by the trees. And the stars... Well, I stuck those in, because they looked neat. Hey, not *everything* has super deep meanings. :)