fredag, april 06, 2007


The grassman & his friends are at a visit at a library. In fact, it's the pictures of them, who are. Above you maybee can see snapshots of the grassman in The Old Room at the library. I think, if the grassman came here in real life he would have loved the old couch.

Images of The Sheep, Porcu & The White Rabbit are there too. In a way, The Land of the Grassman & his Friends has moved into the library and it's a bit like home.

(It's my very first exhibition, and it's very exciting! It feels good to show my images and talk with people about them. Suddenly the drawings are outside the www, in the real world, and many people, who don't use the www, can see them too - fx my good old father.

The exhibition is at the library for april & may.)

6 kommentarer:

md sagde ...

yehhhhh this is great, congrats on ur exhibit looks good from ur pic. always good to show ur stuff in the real world.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog sagde ...

Congratulations on your exhibit!!! Way to go!

studio lolo sagde ...

I'm happy for you Georg! And I'm happy for the people who are going to see your wonderful illustrations!

georg sagde ...

Thankyou all for your kind and warm comments. Yes, it's a quite new experience for me to "move The Land of The Grassman & Friends" out in the real world. It's a good experience.

Mauricio sagde ...


Congratulations on your exhibit, very good notice!

Congrats to Mr. Grassman too :o)

steve sagde ...

Yaaaay! Congrats Grorg! Looks wonderful. Thank you for sharing.