lørdag, april 21, 2007


The white rabbit has tried to use his ears to fly. He has tried many times, but he can't, and now he isn't happy at all. " Why can't I fly like that spring-butterfly up there?" he said. " Is it my destiny forever to have so crazy ears, who can't even be used as wings?"

At last he said desperate: "Miss Fortune, if you exist, won't you let me fly? Just once?"

The spring-butterfly felt sorry for the white rabbit, but couldn't help, and she flew up and away.

3 kommentarer:

Mauricio sagde ...


Wonderfull illo and tale :o)

have a big weekend

steve sagde ...

This one's fantastic Georg. Love so much about it. Just think, at least white rabbit can hear much better than spring-butterfly, what, with those big ears and all.

uvor sagde ...

poor rabbit- remember what the doormouse said: feed your head! feed your head!
(jefferson airplane; white rabbit)