tirsdag, februar 13, 2007


Porcu has found a very good lair, where he could survive the winter. The "floor" is covered with leaves from the autumn, and over the lair are black branches. He pushed some dirt away, and now he would find a place to sleep.

He turned around - and crashed towards someting. He wined - and then someone laughed. He saw, that it was an animal just like him, but happy. "My name is Porcupi", he said, "what's yours?" Porcu was yet a bit chocked, but he stammed out, that he is called Porcu. Then they said at the same time: "What are you doing here?" Porcupi laughed, even Porcu smiled.

Porcupi said: "Couldn't we be friends here in winter? When we are awake sometimes, we can see, we aren't alone." "Yes," said Porcu.

Porcu was a bit happy now, and he didn't stam so much. Life was more easy, now Porcupi was there. The last he thought before he fall asleep was: "I wish, we can be friends at spring and summer too."

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

glad that crash turned out benificial for both of them. cute story and illo: michael dailey

faiz sagde ...

i dont know why, but this illustration made me smile =)

Digital Scott's illustrationblog sagde ...

Very fun! Good work!

adrienne trafford sagde ...

the image and story are so so sweet!