lørdag, februar 24, 2007


The white rabbit is philosophizing:

"He has eyes – but cannot see,
he has a mouth – but cannot talk,
he has a nose – but cannot smell,
he has arms - but cannot give a hug,
he has no legs – and cannot walk,
and he can only live when it’s cold -
- but allthough I think he’s my friend, my cold kind friend. We’re communicating via telepathy. I allways know, where he is."

The white rabbit is glad about, that there's a lo-o-o-ong time to summer.

10 kommentarer:

steve sagde ...

I always love losing myself, if not for a brief momant, in your illustrated world of myth and fantasy Georg!

studio lolo sagde ...

How very sweet Georg! I did an animal communication thing as well. Great minds think alike :)

Nicole sagde ...

Nice illustration!

Cecilia sagde ...

Greetings from Argentina!!
Thank you for your commentary in my blog.
colors and desing are wonderful - i like it!
un beso

md sagde ...

lov ur rabbits philosophy and the art work that goes with it nice work and idea

Debbie Egizio sagde ...

It's fantastic the way you bring the image to life with what the rabbit is thinking. I love it!

getzapped sagde ...

This is really neat. The rabbit looks surprised and perplexed. Fun!

ValGalArt sagde ...

sweet like a fairytale! charming!!!

Michelle sagde ...

This is a really cute idea. Ilove your rabbit. So inocent and just needing a friend. Very nice.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog sagde ...

This is terrific! Very well done.