lørdag, februar 17, 2007


The white rabbit saw a bumblebee flying above him. "Hey, you're a bumblebee, aren't you?", he shouted to her. She flew a little lower, so they could talk without shouting. "Yes, I am, and my name is Bumble the Humble, because the other bees say, I'm so kind," she said. "What a nice name" , the white rabbit said. "but you know that? You cannot fly! You're too big and too heavy to fly."

Bumble the Humble said: "Oh, I didn't know that". She thought, she should fly down, so the rabbit shouldn't be sad, but she was in a hurry, so she flew higher and higher, while she shouted: "Sorry - sorry - I'm in a hurry".

11 kommentarer:

Nicole sagde ...

Very funny!

FreeCyprus sagde ...

another good one!

You should put all of this, the images and the stories in a book

Do you come up with the story first or the picture first (and then imagine the story later...)

steve sagde ...

Love it Georg. The blue, textured sky and sense of space is beautiful, and the rendering of the rabbit. Great job all around.

georg sagde ...

Thanks for your kind comments - Steve, making the sky in this way was a bit a test, and I'm happy to hear it's ok.

to FreeCyprus: How I'm making the images: At first I find the theme, what could the story contain? Then I make the picture, and sometimes the pictore decides something complete different!

Well, I see - do you think, it's ok to come in a book?.. I'm going to have a small exhibition in Århus, it's exciting! I've never tried something before.

FreeCyprus sagde ...

Is it your first exhibition? I wish you the best of luck! (but you don't need it)

I can't wait for your next episode

PS: i've added you to my blog roll

studio lolo sagde ...

What a sweet story! What moves me is the bee didn't know he could fly "because he was too big and heavy" but he flies anyway! That goes to show you that if you believe in somehing, it will happen :) Very nice illo and story Georg.

georg sagde ...

to freecyprus: thankyou very much for your kind words - time will show how it will be.

to studio lolo: exactly! And we shall not believe in those people, who say than we can't do this or that - if we really want to do something, we at least can try.

It reminds me of the little story of small frogs, who shall go up at a mountain. The animals standing around say, that is too hard, they cannot. One after one must give up. Only one frog reaches the top. This frog is deaf! So he could not hear all those voices with "cannots".

Webgrl sagde ...

i love this sky! this piece is wonderful and i love the writeup.

tiffini elektra x sagde ...

I am in love with piece! So wonderful and just so adorable! I love it!!

Mauricio sagde ...

Cool, very cool!

Have a nice weekend :o)

The Matrix white rabbit?

georg sagde ...

No, the white rabbit has nothing to do with the Matrix. Nor The Grass-man, the white rabbit or me know the Matrix at all. But I do understand your point.

Greetings - georg