søndag, oktober 21, 2007

grow - a miracle

Here you see a watering can watering some grass.
You shouldn't believe that - that's not quite right. At the image above you can look across the earth as with x-ray. What you see here is a miracle, not less. You see the birth of the Grassman.
Happy Birthday, Grassman!

11 kommentarer:

Nicole sagde ...

Really nice and funny sequences!
Thank you for your visit!

giggles sagde ...

Funny and adorable. We could all use a miracle or two!

Peace Giggles

Digital Scott's illustrationblog sagde ...

Great fun!!! Love it.

steve sagde ...

ha ha, yes, happy b-day grasman! hi georg!

md sagde ...

good to see u and the grassman back and tell him happy birthday. lov the sunflowers on the watering can

dianeclancy sagde ...

Very cute!! I like it.

~ Diane Clancy

Mauricio sagde ...

Great Grassman!

Great Georg!

Emila Yusof sagde ...

Great illo!

Have a great weekend & Happy Halloween,
emila yusof

Debbie Egizio sagde ...

Wonderful image! So fun to see what's happening beneath the earth. I had no idea that grassman even existed. He looks so friendly and sweet.

Rrramone sagde ...

Great idea!!

Issi sagde ...

Hello Georg :o))
great idea :o)) wonderful illo, best wishes, Issi