søndag, maj 27, 2007


(continued from "neighbour" May the 6th, 2007)
One sunny afternoon the white rabbit putted all his carrots in a pile. Soon he would get some new ones, therefore he would have a little "carrot party".

The bluebird saw the signs, he had made. "Why may animals with long necks not eat your carrots?" she asked. "Because – because - - all the carrots can be in their necks," the rabbit said.

The bluebird said, that was rubbish. "Why may the giraffe not eat your carrots?" she said directly. "That giraffe shall not come here from Africa and eat my carrots!" the rabbit shouted.

The bluebird got sad. "The giraffe have run away from home, because he was hunted by lions, and because his family mobbed him because of his crazy legs," she said.

The white rabbit didn't say anything. He looked at his signs, thoughtful. "But why does he come here," he said so quietly, that nobody heard him.
(to be continued)

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