fredag, juni 26, 2009


The biggest wish, the white rabbit ever has had, is to fly. He thought, he could use his ears as wings, but that didn't work. He had almost given up, when the bluebird told him, there was a balloon in the field. "So what?" he said. "Come with me, and you'll be surprised", the bluebird said.

And he sure got surprised! The bluebird told him how to start, and soon he was drifting in the sky. "I was wrong," he said, "you bumblebee can fly allthough you really are to heavy - and now I can fly too!"

"In the land of the grassman and his friends nothing is impossible," the bluebird said, "and not everything is what it seems to be". The white rabbit smiled a big, big smile and wawed with his ears.

2 kommentarer:

sandybau sagde ...

Nice story and cute drawing!
My IF submission is here:
Good luck!

幸敏薇 sagde ...

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